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Can a shattered cell phone screen be fixed?

Phone screens are delicate and essential parts of every mobile gadget. Sometimes, you can get broken screens from being clumsy, heavy-handed, or just sheer unluckiness. You should know that this is not the end for the phone and you must be aware of your options whenever this happens. In this article, we'll discuss if a shattered cell phone can be fixed, the different fixing options, and the consequences of each option. Cell phone screen repair Albuquerque can help you run through these options and decide the best for your case.

The straightforward answer is that you can fix your shattered phone screen. However, there are some precautions you must take before embarking on any option. The first thing is to backup your phone and data. This is because you may lose your phone data during repair or the phone might turn out irreparable. You can do the backup with a cloud or drive service. You can also back it up on another drive like your computer hard drive. After this, you can then proceed with a repair.

The first thing after you notice a shattered screen before outing it back together is to assess the damage extent. This is because the damage might go beyond the screen in some instances. You should open the casings, remove the batteries if they're removable, and check the phone thoroughly.

If it's minor damage, that's good news as you can reassemble the phone and put it back in one piece with just a minor change. You should however be wary of neglecting this damage type as a cracked phone can create a pathway for debris and fluid to enter the phone's motherboard to cause extensive damage. Hence, you can get a screen guard to cover up the deficit and crack.

You can use tape as a palliative measure before you get the screen guard. Taking it off might cause some sticky residue but it would protect you for the time being.

Moderate Damage

If the damage is a moderate type wherein the sensors or calibration is affected, you should still focus on covering the crack as a palliative measure. After this, go for a tempered glass guard to cover the cracks. You can also go to your manufacturer's contact office for a full-screen repair. Several third-party shops offer full repair as screen breaks are ubiquitous problems among phone users. Usually, you should get your phone back the same day. In some instances, you have to come back after some days especially if it's an iPhone. You must also know that warranties do not cover screen breaks as they are classed as accidental damages in most outlets.

The cost varies from brand to brand but you should expect a major financial implication. We implore that you use trusted outlets for your repair as you can get fake parts in less accredited centers. Fake parts not only predispose you to a recurrent break but more expenses.

Sometimes, a screen break will be significant in the sense that it affects much more than the screen. In some instances, the calibration gets faulty. At this point, you won't be able to operate the phone unless repaired. Other hardware issues might surface after a break. You might not know the exact problem other than the fact that your phone is not working as it used to. At this point, you should see a professional as quickly as you can before you develop a major issue.

Major screen damage occurs when your phone's hardware is compromised. Replacing the screen alone at this point will not get much done. You must go for full troubleshooting at a professional's office. Do not attempt self-diagnosis and repair for this damage type. Go straight to the manufacturer's outlet for a full assessment and get an estimate. You should expect a major financial implication for the repair.

Some people are of the opinion that foreign materials like toothpaste could fix a phone crack. This is not proven and not advised. You should not risk this ineffective method for getting moisture into your phone through the cracks. If your shattered phone is not repairable, you should not fret. Some outlets are open to buying phones like this at a good price. Get a list of these firms by a simple google search and compare to ensure that you get the best deal. You must also know that practicing a preventive habit is better than waiting for your phone to shatter.

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