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How a number plate can help your pimp your ride

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The one simple act of attaching a personal number plate can enhance the style of your ride. How did this all start you might ask? Well, let's take a look back at Califonia in the 70s. You might be mistaken if you think that it came from gear heads or maybe the budding low rider trend. Or maybe it came from rich business people who wanted to look cool in their Mercedes Benz.

Ah, if you guessed Hollywood celebrities then you guessed correctly. No one knows which celebrity was the first to pimp their ride. Anyone's guess is a good one. Before the personalized license plate, there was just the updated California plate that had a bright logo of sunrise and bright colors.

It was an upgrade from the old drab black with yellow letters, although this is considered stylish with car collectors. So this trend continues to this day. Customized license plates have become the norm throughout the United States and abroad. Somewhere in the 90s shops that specialize in custom plates opened up. Then the imagination was the only limit to what could be created. If you want to buy number plates check plate sales

Enter PL8Sales

As mention in the previous paragraph, many shops opened that could make a custom plate for you. They also offer online sales so that you can sell the plate you already have. In this way, you can turn around and buy an upgraded plate. They can be pricey as you might expect, but anyone on a tight budget is not looking on their site anyway.

Go to their website and check out the cool deals they have. You'll see that they have expanded their market overseas. They do business in Asia, Australia, and parts of Europe. In Australia, cars with plates from PL8Sales have been head turners. It has caught the attention of the street racing community there.


It has become a reality. Porche particularly has become stylistically enhanced by the plates. Great advertising for the company. People can be seen taking photos or having conversations about the cars which gives PL8 Sales a boost in notoriety. They use custom wraps to achieve this great look on cars. This beefs up their sales.

4x4 Groups

Another such group of enthusiasts is the 4x4 community. They have found the plates to be a real asset to the looks of their vehicles. You might think that luxury sports cars are expensive, but when you compare the money spent on accessories for these 4x4 beasts you could say that sports cars might be less expensive.

So if you want to pimp out your ride, look into PL8 Sales. They can provide you with the cool plates that will give your ride the shine that it deserves not to mention how bass-ass you'll look and feel with a custom plate. Go and check out their site to see all the options you have to choose from. Be creative when you customize your plate. Be bold try new things you won't regret.

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