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How Dr Watson is demystifying CBD

Although they are inextricably linked, CBD and marijuana are not the same.

This may seem obvious to avid users but outsiders and those new in this field may not understand this, or rather may not fully understand the differences.

However, this is the beauty of  Dr Watson, as we are actively working to dispel rumours and answer the burning questions of those inquisitive souls.

So let’s start with the biggest differences.

Differences Between CBD And Cannabis

I’ll keep the scientific jargon short and sweet but essentially CBD is only one ingredient that makes up cannabis.

It has its own specific benefits which include but aren’t limited to;

  • Sleep Regulation
  • Stress relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Pain relief

These are all benefits seen in cannabis but CBD lacks THC which is what invokes the psychoactive effects, or the feeling of getting ‘high’.’

THC is also linked with the addictive effects of cannabis meaning CBD on its own is unlikely to cause addiction or any accompanying negative effects.

Due mostly to these factors, recreational use of CBD is legal in more countries than cannabis (however you should still check to make sure it is legal in your country or state.)

As I said, this is a very streamlined explanation - visit the ‘Learn’ section of our website to get the in-depth explanations!

Which One Should I Buy?

One of CBD’s biggest strengths is its versatility and how customisable it is to your lifestyle. However, this can also be seen as one of its weaknesses.

There are a number of products we sell and this can be overwhelming for a newcomer so use this section as a guide to help you choose.

In terms of form, the only real difference is how long it will take the effects to kick in. The level of effectiveness however is consistent across the different types.

Even the duration until you feel the effects usually aren’t immense and varies on a person to person basis. It is generally agreed though that the quickest method is smoking and applying under the tongue.

Nevertheless, it is subjective at the end of the day so if you want to take the CBD in a tastier package then there is always the chocolate and gummies version. Each form has its differences so there is some to accommodate all sorts of lifestyles.

Another consideration you will have to take is the dosage. This directly affects the strength of your CBD so for beginners we recommend our lowest dosage first.

We sell a range from 1000mg to 4000mg. Many companies sell 500mg but we don’t see this as good value as the effect is close to nothing even for new users.

Like I said, start with 1000mg and work your way up gradually as you get more comfortable with it as the strongest dosage can be a shock to the system for the uninitiated.

Is It Safe?

Our CBD is laboratory tested, certified and as risk-free as possible. However, it would be disingenuous of us to say there are absolutely no risks.

All pharmaceuticals have an inherent risk. The biggest risk is an overdose which can have a host of negative effects which is why we have intake guidelines on all of our products so it is imperative you follow this.

There is countless research that presents CBD as harmless however there are some users who report side effects such as drowsiness, low blood pressure, dry mouth etc. If you encounter any of these, stop using CBD immediately! If the side effects persist abnormally long or are extremely severe then visit your doctor.

Do not and I repeat, DO NOT use CBD if pregnant to avoid any birth complications. It is also strongly recommended that you do not use it when breastfeeding.

Before taking CBD, consult your doctor if you already take prescription medication to be safe.

Finally, do not use CBD as an alternative to medication. It is meant to be used to support a generally healthy lifestyle, not to treat illnesses or diseases of any magnitude.

Final thoughts

All this information and much more can be found on the Dr Watson website.

Hopefully, this showed you just how much work we are doing to give our customers control and ensure they have all the information they need when buying CBD.

Even if you are new to the world of CBD, I guarantee you will leave confident and satisfied.

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