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How Profitable Is It to Be a Philadelphia Psychiatrist?

Psychiatry is the medical specialty that pays attention to the treatment and diagnosis of various mental and emotional disorders, such as depression, bipolarity, or schizophrenia, and is regarded as one of the most important and underappreciated fields of medicine given recent times.

A physician that has specialized in psychiatry is naturally called a psychiatrist, having been trained in carefully yet efficiently addressing the unpleasant and distressing symptoms of health conditions that fall within their umbrella.

Although psychiatry is very rewarding when considering the positive effect its treatments provide to people who desperately need it, it cannot be said that it is easy. Psychiatrists are faced not only with the difficulties of treating mental health problems, but also with having to assume a part of the patient’s distress.

It’s hard for a physician to remain unaffected in their line of work, having to go through indescribable predicaments that hinge on their patient. If their patient has a tragic life story, then it’s up to the psychiatrist to listen and understand on an intrinsic basis in order to know the best manner in which to resolve their issues.

An example difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that one is a professional that primarily works with psychotherapy, which is providing moral support and comfort to those in need, while the other does the same, yet has also been vested with the ability to prescribe medication. A psychiatrist, unlike a psychologist, is a doctor.

Treating an emotional or mental disorder is much more difficult than just prescribing medication. It is, however, the start to such a journey, being aimed at treating the worst symptoms of a disorder so that treatment can start in proper. Mental health is an extraordinarily complex topic that can’t be exclusively solved with medication.

How Is an Average Week for a Psychiatrist?

The experience of each psychiatrist can differ widely, so it’s safe to say that one psychiatrist’s week can be very different from another’s. There’s one thing they all have in common, though - they all have to show up for work. A plight that everyone from across the world shares!

Assuming a relatively busy clinic, the psychiatrist often gets mentally prepared for the range of patients about to present their worries before anything else. Most psychiatrists report welcoming new patients first and follow-ups after.

A great benefit to this physician specialty is the lack of urgency. Psychiatry cannot be hurried, which means that the psychiatrist sets aside as much time as possible to spend with a potential patient in order to ease their worries and gather the relevant information.

The medical institution that has hired the psychiatrist will also summon a multidisciplinary team review almost every week. This is the time when the organization and coordination of health care efforts is conducted, tailored after the complex needs of their patients.

Some psychiatrists also do house visits, although this is a very rare event for one who is working for a hospital or a clinic. What usually happens is that a patient is ushered in as per the psychiatrist’s planned schedule, after which they will try and determine the course of action for resolving their issues.

Is It a Good Idea to Become a Philadelphia Psychiatrist?

To put it simply, yes, it is. If you have the will to power through 11+ years of training (4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and a minimum 3 years of residency), then the job of a psychiatrist can be extraordinarily rewarding, and we’re not just talking about the financial incentive.

The overall happiness and satisfaction levels of physicians tend to be quite high. While assuming the worries of thousands upon thousands of patients can become very stressful, it can also be gratifying once considering the positive changes you can enforce.

The average salary for a Philadelphia-based psychiatrist is about $250,000. Money isn’t the only incentive to becoming one. If you’re self-employed instead of working with or for an entity, then you can also set your own schedule and compensation, which is no small advantage.

Healthy Life, Wealthy Life

A 2021 study by WalletHub has ranked Pennsylvania as the 31st best US state to practice medicine based on a variety of factors. The ranking might not be high, but psychiatrists working in Philadelphia generally speak well of their environment, claiming it offers many opportunities for professional advancement and emotional growth.

Whatever the case, remember that there are many vacant Philadelphia psychiatry jobs available for a budding psychiatrist looking to establish a name for themselves out of residency. Talented and empathetic psychiatrists have always been in great demand, and that won’t change anytime soon.

We’ll support you the whole way through. Good luck!

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