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How to Find the Right New Mobile For You

Whether you’re taking out a new contract, buying a new phone up front, or looking for something refurbished, choosing a new mobile phone is a big decision. Some of us keep them only for a year, always upgrading to the new model, though the majority of us keep a phone for its lifespan, upgrading only when we really need to. If you’re unsure what to look for in your new phone then here are some tips to help narrow down your search.

The Right Operating System

One of the main factors in our choice between one phone and another comes down to brand. People generally fall into two camps, Android users and iOs users. iOs is the operating system used on Apple products, such as iPhones, whereas Android is the operating system used on the vast majority of other brands of mobile phones. There are a select few others, but generally speaking, if you’re an everyday smartphone user then these brands will be a little too specialist. Android and iOS systems tend to provide the new upgrades that really make waves.

So, if you’ve always had an iPhone and liked it then the chances are you’ll dismiss an Android phone immediately, and vice versa. However, there are a few things to consider first. The first one being, what sort of other devices do you have in your home? If you use an iPad and an iMac then the compatibility of an iOs device would make sense for your next upgrade. However, if you have a Windows PC, an Alexa home system or an Amazon tablet then Android might prove more well-integrated with your current tech. The other thing to consider is whether you prefer asking Siri, or Alexa to set alarms for you!

Gaming Functionality

Another important factor is being honest about how important gaming is to you. It could be that you enjoy playing blackjack online and like to have a phone that will allow you to take five minutes here and there to play. If this is the case then any modern smartphone should have this capability; however, do remember to check that the provider you like to use has the relevant app for Android or iOs.

On the other hand, if you regularly spend upwards of half an hour playing games, or enjoy using mobile applications that are more taxing then you might want to consider a mobile phone that is better set up for gaming. Mobiles that are designed for gaming tend to have larger screens, better resolutions, and a more advanced processor. The downside to these mobiles is that often they have a shorter battery life, as more energy is needed to complete the more complex tasks that are asked of them and to light larger screens. It’s really only worth getting a ‘gaming phone’ if you are seriously into mobile gaming. Otherwise, you’re likely to spend a lot of time cursing the frequency with which you have to charge your phone.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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