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How to Look After Your Bathtub?

A dirty bathtub makes the entire bathroom look bad. If you have tried cleaning and scrubbing your bathtub and the grim won’t just go away, we are here to help. 

You can turn the eyesore that is your unsightly bathtub into an eye candy using our cleaning tips. Your old and chipped bathtub can also be restored to its former glory, thanks to bathtub reglazing.

Take a look at our tips on how to look after your stained or refinished bathtub so that it remains squeaky clean.

Rinse after every use

Every time you use your bathtub, you should do a surface level rinsing. This helps to eliminate any soap and oil residues that can buildup to nasty slime with time. Rinsing your bathtub after use will also save you lots of scrubbing when it comes to a thorough weekly or monthly cleaning.

Rinsing should be done with plain warm water. Ensure the water gets to all the exposed bathtub surfaces. You can use a spray bottle or run the shower if your bathtub is beneath the showerhead.

Don’t forget to towel dry the bathtub after rinsing to prevent mildew and hard water deposits.

Do a thorough cleaning using a spray-on bathtub cleanser

Even after rinsing your bathtub daily, you may notice soap and mildew buildups after a few weeks of use. We recommend a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deeper cleaning using a bathtub cleanser.

If you can’t get a bathtub cleanser from the grocery store, you can make one at home by mixing equal parts of warm water with equal amounts of white vinegar. 

Put the mixture in a water spray bottle, spritz it generously on the tub, and leave it for 15 minutes. You can also scrub stained parts with a soft sponge that has some baking soda.

Rinse the cleanser and baking soda with clean water.

In case of extremely stubborn stains, you can use a commercial bathtub scrubbing solution. You can also make yours using three tablespoons of castile soap, a cup of baking soda, and three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Add a half cup of cornstarch to your scrubbing washcloth to get your tub sparkling.

During your monthly cleaning, remember to flush out the jets if you’re using an air or whirlpool tub. This prevents debris and mold buildups that can damage your tub.

Bathtub refinishing for a chipped and worn out bathtub

Bathtub glazing or refinishing is the perfect solution for a bathtub worn out from years of wear and scrubbing.

Bathtub glazing involves applying a new finish of paint to your bathtub and waiting for it to cure for 90 days. After the glazing process, you should ensure that the bathtub surface doesn’t get wet for at least 24 hours to prevent ruining the new finish.

You should also avoid using the bathtub to prevent dust and other particles from forming sharp surface points on the glazed finish.

Here are other tips that will help you look after your refinished bathtub.

  • ·         Remove the masking tape left after bathtub refinishing after 24 hours
  • ·         Clean your bathtub regularly with a soapy sponge during the 90 days curing period to remove dust from the finishing
  • ·         Wax the surface of the reglazed bathtub two weeks after the refinishing work. You should wax the tub after the daily cleaning and remove it with a dry towel. Waxing on a refinished bathtub should be done once every one to four months
  • ·         Rinse your bathtub after every use and use a gentle cleanser to prevent the buildup of soap residue
  • ·         Dry towel the tub after cleaning or rinsing it to prevent mildew buildup
  • ·         Repair any cracks or chips immediately they occur as water can sip in the gaps resulting in mildew and mold growth

Hopefully, now you’re sorted when it comes to taking care of your stained or reglazed bathtub. You can now say goodbye to hiding your stained bathtub behind bathroom curtains as with these tips, your tub will always be clean.

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