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How to replace your kitchen faucet

Who doesn't want to have a new kitchen faucet? A new kitchen faucet allows you to do many advanced kitchen tasks. It can marginally change the view of your kitchen.

Using an old faucet can create many problems and you may get bored. Replacing the old kitchen faucet with a new one can solve all the problems. You don’t have to pay over $200 to buy a new faucet. There are so many popular kitchen faucets under $200 available. Let’s follow the process!

How to replace your kitchen faucet

Step-1: Collecting working tools

You have to collect a good number of basic tools for replacing your faucet. These tools are easy to collect and affordable. If you don't have these basic tools, then you can borrow from your neighborhood.

List of the tools that you need to replace your kitchen faucet:

• Brand new kitchen faucet.

• Liquid wrench.

• clothes or towels.

• Adjustable wrench.

• Basin wrench.

• Elastic tapes.

• Blades

• Cleaning reagent.

Before picking a brand new kitchen faucet, make sure to have the same number of holes as the previous one. You can also count this hole number from your sink. You can also buy new supply tools if the old one becomes brittle.

Step-2: Removing you old kitchen faucet

Removing your old kitchen faucet from the sink is the toughest part of replacing a faucet and also an uncomfortable one. Follow our word step by step to make everything easier.

Make everything clean and clear under your sink to work. Make enough room so that you can perform.

Turn off your water supply very well and you will get this shut down tap under your sink. Make sure to do it very well before turning on your faucet. Turn on your faucet and remove all the water from the line. If you have two types of a tap on your old faucet, then do it for both.

You will get into big trouble while accessing the nuts under your sink. Make that place workable with towels or any clothes. You can capture every connection on your phone to make sure to avoid confusion for next time. These pictures will help you to install your new kitchen faucet.

To remove the old faucet, lose all the nuts under the sink using your adjustable wrench. Always try to give less force to these nuts. If it becomes difficult, you can use a liquid wrench. Liquid wrench will help these nuts to come out with less force.

Then, you must disconnect the hose to remove the old sprayer. Use your basin wrench to remove the mounting wrench under the sink. Now you have done the most difficult tasks of replacing. Remove the old faucet and clean every hole of your sink with mild washing agents.

Step-3: Now install your new faucet

The installation of your new faucet is the third step for you to follow. Always keep the user manual and other manufacturers guidelines book with you before starting up.

You'll start this step by combining the faucet elements to the gasket. Use thread tapes at the supply tools head to avoid leaking. Connect it well with less pressure and don't even try to pressurize excessively. Now you need to put the supply tools on the hole of the sink to set up your faucet.

Use an adjustable wrench to tight the mountain nuts stronger. Add supply lines at the supplied voice to secure your water supply. You can use Teflon tapes to avoid the serious issue of leaking. If your new faucet contains a sprayer, then attach a sprayer hose. Reconnect all of your connections to ensure your water supply. If you face any problem to do this process, please check the manufacturer guidelines book.

Remove the aerator of the faucet and turn on your water supply for a while. Check under the sink if there has any leak or not. If everything remains okay, replace the aerator again.

Step-4: Keep your kitchen faucet in 24 hours observation

It's one of the most important parts to keep your eyes on your new faucet. Sometimes even after the perfect installation of your new faucet, you may face some problems. You may see little drops of water under your sink. Don't need to be worried; just check the connections. If there have some loose connections, use thread tape and an adjustable wrench to recover. Always keep your kitchen faucet clear and attractive.


If we follow these steps to replace your kitchen faucet, you should not face any problems. Changing a faucet is not a difficult task. But you need to study and take proper steps to change a kitchen faucet. Hopefully, now you can easily change your kitchen faucet by following our guidelines.


Changing your old kitchen faucet is important to ensure the inner beauty of your kitchen. Sometimes you won't get perfect services from your old kitchen faucet. You can not meet up all of your demands using an old faucet.

As an important part of your home, your kitchen needs to be updated. So replacing your faucet is one of the ways of doing that. Replacing will increase your faucet's effectiveness and will make it more workable.

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