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How To Use Customized Logos On Water Bottles As A Promotional Tool

When you're looking for opportunities to get the word out about your business, promotional items can really help the cause. Water bottles, especially, can entice customers into your business and pique their interest. Water bottles that feature your logo or a custom message covering your business are a great, refreshing way to engage with your customers and clientele. Here's what to watch for when deciding to use customized water bottles as a promotional tool/product at your business. 

Bottle Type

When it comes to water bottles, there are so many different types it can be a little bit daunting at times to determine which is best for the consumer. In short, there are plastic, aluminum, glass, and stainless-steel bottles. Each one has its own pros and cons. Plastic is lightweight but doesn't really insulate drinks well. It may also contain BPA. Aluminum is good for durability, but it heats up in warm temperatures. Stainless steel, while a bit on the heavy side, offers fantastic durability and quality insulation over many uses. Glass is stylish, but can be a little bit on the breakable side. Ultimately whatever bottle types you choose to offer will have benefits for whoever is receiving/purchasing them. It's best to choose a bottle type that aligns with your brand and will generate that positive feeling toward your business from the people who may purchase it.


Capacity, or how much liquid can be contained within the bottle, is incredibly important when it comes to water bottles. When people are looking for a durable, long-lasting water bottle, they probably want it to have the ability to hold enough liquid to keep them hydrated for whatever activity they are performing. Bottles with a higher capacity can also save your customers time and money in the long run. Less fill-ups and reduced spending on other drinks add up. If the bottle is high quality, the customer will associate the item they use every day positively with your business while reaping the benefits of staying hydrated throughout their daily activities.

Insulated or Not

Another consideration for water bottles, especially if you're selling them to your clients, is whether they're insulated or not. Insulated just means that the liquid inside is protected from heating up or cooling down. These are almost exclusively stainless-steel water bottles. The insulation creates a vacuum that prevents cold from escaping or heat from intruding on the water bottle itself. It also works the opposite way. That way, you can keep your hot coffee hot and your cold water chilled throughout the day. These offer myriad benefits to anyone regardless of activity and are probably going to be one of the best promotional tools you can find. Place your logo and business info prominently on the front of the stainless-steel bottle to maximize the effect. There are some cases where people might not want an insulated bottle, and for those cases, you can go with something a little more lightweight in a plastic, aluminum, or even glass style. It ultimately depends on what works best for your overall end goal and can vary based on yours and your client's needs.

Promotional Messaging

Water bottles are an amazing tool for promotional messaging. You can choose fun designs that feature your name and logo. In fact, custom logo water bottles can generate a tremendous number of impressions for your company and pique interest in your organization from folks who may not be aware of you but see your logo on somebody else's water bottle. There's plenty of messaging you can use that will get the job done, but ultimately adding a custom logo (it really is that simple) to such an essential item can be an amazing way to generate interest, results, and good will/positivity toward your business for a long time to come.

How To Offer Them To Customers

If you've decided to dive into the water bottle game for promotional purposes, it's time to figure out how you're going to offer them to your customers and clients. There's a few ways that work pretty well and others that might require some research. One way to really get people interested in the water bottles that feature your custom branding is to sell them. You can sell them at promotional prices or discounts in your store, make them a part of a buy one get one promo, use them as a loss leader for other items, and just about any other sales method you can imagine. Selling them isn't the only way to get them to your customers. You can use them as a promotional offer. Perhaps you can send out a flyer in the mail or an email to your guests offering a limited time offer of a free water bottle with a certain purchase. Things like that really do generate leads and eventual conversions. Finally, consider giving a few away. You can donate them to a charity, give them to friends to spread the word, hand them out at conventions or trade shows, and more. The versatility of a water bottle as a promotional tool cannot be understated and taking advantage of it is well worth doing for any business.

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