Importance of Activated Charcoal


Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, is made from coconut shell, coal, or petroleum. It is similar to standard charcoal, but its primary use is that of medicinal benefit. Unlike traditional charcoal, activated charcoal is made through common heating charcoal in a gas that enables the charcoal to develop internal pores to trap chemicals. It is right to say that activated charcoal has been created solely for medicinal purposes, and some companies provide Activated Carbon Services that you should know.

The benefits that one gets from using activated charcoal are a lot. It goes from treating poisons by absorbing all toxins to healing one in diseases like kidney failure. Here are some uses that make it essential to use activated charcoal;

Helps Reduce Flatulence

This is also known as intestinal gas. Activated charcoal is known for helping reduce intestinal gas. Having intestinal gas and bloating problems can be a painful problem, but the intake of activated charcoal can help reduce flatulence. The presence of small pores in the activated charcoal helps improve absorption and adoption in one’s body. Through this, the activated charcoal can absorb the gas in the digestive system and further remove the toxins that had been absorbed. However, it is essential to note that for the activated charcoal to be effective, one needs to take it on an empty stomach to absorb toxins in one’s body. The only caution one should take is not consuming it each day as it may absorb all the food nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

Used to Treat Poisonings

Activated charcoal has been seen to be very useful in the treatment of poison. As one of its components, activated carbon can bind all toxins, ensuring that no poison gets absorbed in the gut. One teaspoonful of charcoal, and it can work magic! Further, it has proven to be effective in both child and adult overdoses for drugs such as barbiturates, digitoxin, and others. Unfortunately, activated charcoal is not effective in poisonings caused by strong bases like ethanol, iron, and other substances.

Helps Reduce Cholesterol

Just like some prescription medications, activated charcoal has been effective in lowering cholesterol levels. This is through the activated charcoal binding all the cholesterol, preventing the body from absorbing the cholesterol. However, for the activated charcoal to be effective in one’s body, it requires one to be constant with their activated charcoal intake to prevent the body from not absorbing cholesterol. In addition to this, lowering the cholesterol levels has an additional benefit of purifying one’s blood.

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Helps Treat Liver and Kidney Diseases

Numerous studies have been done on the effect activated charcoal has on people with kidney failure. Activated charcoal helps reduce nitrogen-containing waste products. This way, it can help patients suffering from kidney diseases by helping the body excrete toxins that may facilitate kidney failure. Besides, many medications go by the research done in suggesting the use of activated charcoal as a complement to help in a full treatment of kidney failure, especially in older adults.

Used to Treat Hangovers

Despite researches being a little skeptical about its effectiveness, activated charcoal has been used to treat a hangover. As much as activated charcoal; cannot be fully effective in the presence of alcohol, it can cure and treat a hangover by removing all other toxins from the body contributing to the hangover.

Used to Treat Bile Flow Issues

Activated charcoal is known to help treat cholestasis, otherwise known as bile flow problems during pregnancy.

Helps Remove Mold

Studies have revealed that the presence of mold in our bodies can cause kidney failure, decreased brain function, liver failure, eye irritation, severe respiratory diseases, and in fatal cases, depression. Activated charcoal has been used as the weapon supplement in most households for their mold protocol. It binds positively with surfaces that have mold growing on them and further preventing the growth of mold.

Indeed, activated charcoal has many uses; it is known as the absorbing agent as it absorbs all harmful substances, therefore deactivating them. Along with the mentioned benefits of using activated charcoal, other uses are used as an anti-aging formula. It is used in relieving medical conditions such as asthma, bronchial asthma and helping in treating inflammatory skin conditions, Lyme disease, and metabolic disorders. Activated charcoal or activated carbon is crucial, and you need to get it from a reputable source.

As much as the mentioned benefits rely on research, a large percentage has been used to prove the benefit that one gets from using activated charcoal.