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Keep These 12 Things in Mind Before Your Class 12 Board Exams

CBSE board Class 12 exams are one of the most important moments in students’ lives. Scoring a good score is what drives students to study hard but competition is huge. Every student has the same textbooks, same syllabus, and same syllabus. Then why are there so few students that get their desired marks? What makes toppers different from the rest of the other students? In this article, we will discuss those important things which matter most at Class 12 board exams.  

CBSE board exam preparation is nothing without the NCERT textbooks. Hence, always start with reading NCERT textbooks. NCERT Books Class 12 Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Hindi, Economics, Accountancy, Business studies, and other optional subjects are subjects in the CBSE board exam. A student must start learning these subjects through NCERT textbooks. If basic concepts from Class 11 are not yet clear, then a student must understand those concepts first and then move on to the Class 12 syllabus. Making notes, completing assignments, self-studying, and revising will help in achieving goals. After doing all those things for over a year, it does come to the last standpoint of Class 12 – BOARD EXAMS. 

At that point, whatever a student has learned, prepared, and practiced will achieve marks accordingly. Students who lose their morale, stop believing in themselves and score very fewer marks than they expected. Hence here are 12 things to make you safe from pre-exam anxiety and panic situations. 

1. Keep social media away – Nowadays, students are addicted to social media. Hours and hours are wasted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These social media applications are designed in such a way that the user who is using those applications tends to spend a tremendous amount on them. Hence do not touch social media applications.  

2. Use the mobile phone at a minimum – Apart from social media, the mobile phone has many distractions. During exams, a student does not need any kind of distraction which will waste time. 

3. Take a good sleep – Good sleep is essential for the human body. Studies show that good sleep helps in remembering things much better than having a short amount or almost no sleep. The day before the exam, sleep on time. Taking six-eight hours of sleep makes the body fresh and energized. Having a good mood while writing a paper also positively affects the performance of the student. 

4. Do not learn new concepts – A day before the exam, do not learn new concepts. Learning new concepts takes time. Hence use that time to revise. Learning new concepts is hard and results in increasing anxiety and dulling the mood.  

5. Study through textbooks and notes – Study only through the NCERT textbooks and handwritten notes. The more study material, the more havoc will be caused in my mind.  

6. Eat healthy – Do not eat any junk food or street food. During exams, it is only better to eat healthily. Physical health is important. Only eat homemade food. So that it will not affect the day of the exam.

7. Avoid negative people – During exams, avoid people who just are complaining and whining. It will just affect you negatively. Negative people will not be a valuable addition to exams. Negative people bring down others’ morale, confidence, and mood. They create panic. They make people doubt themselves even though there is nothing to worry about. Hence, negative people should be avoided. 

8. Revisit the plan – Make a strategy to solve the paper. There is a limited time to give an exam. Revisit what you have learned throughout the year. See solved sample papers again. Recall the mistakes and corrections. Remember to avoid those mistakes on paper. Plan a strategy to solve the paper and imply it. 

9. Answer writing – Answer writing is a skill. This makes a huge difference. If a student has an answer writing skill, then it sure helps to score very high marks. Using bullet points, proper start and end, proper use of examples, graphs, diagrams, etc. will help to enhance the quality of an answer. Topper students often pay heed to the answer writing part. By reading through textbooks, understanding concepts and framing answers in your own words are the notions for having an answer writing skill. 

10. Check documents and stationery – Check admit card, identity card, and other necessary documents. Check the necessary stationery and make sure to carry them to the exam hall. 

11. Do not discuss anything with anyone – Discuss how much preparation one has done, how tough or easy the paper will be, what might come in the exam, which questions are unnecessary. These things create insecurity about what you have prepared. Entering the exam hall anxious and in a confused mood will ruin the experience of giving an exam.  

12. Take care of Mental health – All the above points have little or more to say about mental health. Here we will discuss specifically how to calm yourself in the exam. There will be some situations where a student might find himself/ herself in an intense situation like not knowing some questions from the paper, reaching late for the exam, not carrying an admit card, not remembering anything for a while, getting stuck at one question, etc. But in all these situations a student should not lose his/her calm. Keeping belief in yourself is the key. Be confident about what you have prepared. Stressing will not achieve anything. If any messy situations occur like mentioned above then take deep breaths. Just ask for help from the person in charge. Be attentive. 


Class 12 exams are important and hold much gravity as they are a turning point for many students but do not let this eminence dull yourself. A student must hold himself/herself together. Do not let the fears get ahead of you. If you have worked hard for the whole year and prepared for this, then just trust that you are going to score high. Whatever the result might be, you should not change yourself. Stay stress-free and confident.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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