Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Outside Services Your Law Firm Might Need

Successful law firms are built from the inside out, but they definitely expand outward if they want to continue enjoying their success. A great team of lawyers and paralegals might be the starting point for a successful firm, but it’s the outside help you get that will really make or break how fast, or even if, you grow into a legal powerhouse. Law firms often have to go outside their own offices to find the experts they need. Here are just a few of the outside sources a firm might need.

Private Investigators

Sometimes legal teams need to get to the heart of a legal matter by hiring private investigators. If there’s sensitive information in a divorce proceeding, for example, a private investigator can step in and see if there are certain situations going on that might affect the resolution of the divorce. Criminal lawyers might also need more information for their clients. For example, if they suspect their client is not guilty but have an idea of who is, they might hire a private investigator to get the facts straight.


When a signed legal document needs to be notarized, attorneys often go through a third-party like Superior Notary Services to find a notary public in their area. Notaries are there to authenticate important signatures and legally witness the signatures and authenticate them. They are needed for a variety of legal matters, such as closing a house or opening something like a retirement account.


Lawyers need a lot of information, and when court proceedings are very drawn out or they have long sessions with clients, they might want to have a written account of the interaction so that they can go back and study it later on. Transcriptionists are the people who can do this job for a law firm. They’re able to transcribe word-for-word sometimes the interaction in a courtroom, deposition, or private client interview.


We’ve all seen experts on the stand for both prosecution and defense legal teams. These helpful folks have some level of expertise that a lawyer simply doesn’t have. For example, a DNA expert knows much more about DNA than any lawyer will ever know, and they can serve as expert witnesses in criminal and civil proceedings. Experts on business matters and other areas can also step in and help a lawyer comprehend a case better.


Lawyers who work in certain areas often need to hire doctors for their clients in order to get a clear picture of their client’s medical condition (if it was caused by negligence on the part of someone). Doctors have long been a part of the legal profession, as they are able to testify in medical malpractice cases and explain damages caused by negligent parties.

Thanks to these outside group of professionals, many law firms are able to function and perform more successfully for their clients. Without private eyes, doctors, and transcriptionists, notaries, and experts, law firms would be helpless to complete some of their cases. And while outside help won’t be needed for every case, it certainly gives a law firm a lot more confidence knowing these professionals are there when they need them. Clients are the lucky beneficiaries of these services, too.

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