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Study Abroad Scholarships You Need to Know About

Several students that wanted to go abroad for studies are dissuaded by funding. The ever-increasing international student fees and the cost involved in moving abroad are some of the roadblocks on the path of students. In addition, it is very difficult for students to study at foreign universities, it is always a new place, new people, new difficult tasks, so many students turn to for help in writing a dissertation and getting a coveted diploma.

There are smart ways to get abroad that will not cost you a dime. We shall be taking a look at some of the scholarships that international students can use to bring their dreams of studying abroad alive.

  1. Westminster

There is an opportunity to study at Westminster University for students from developing countries. It is a full-time scholarship that covers all that all that the student will need during the time of study. Check out if your country is considered. The award is based on development potential; academic excellence and financial needs.

  1. University of British Columbia

You can use the platform provided by the international leader of tomorrow award provided by the University of British Columbia in Canada to get an international scholarship. It is awarded on the basis of economic needs as well as academic merit. Only students with an excellent academic track record that are international students without a previous undergraduate degree are eligible for this offer. Every successful applicant is expected to demonstrate their financial needs.

  1. Adelaide

Another soft landing for international students is the Adelaide scholarship international. The scholarship covers fees and health insurance. Postgraduate students will get additional stipends. This scholarship lasts two years for master’s degree students and three years for PhD students. The equivalent of Australia’s first class honors degree is a prerequisite.

  1. Clarendon scholarship

This is a scholarship that is awarded by the University of Oxford. Each year, there is the opportunity for 140 post graduate scholarship awards on the basis of academic merit across all subjects. The deadline for the application is January of each year.

  1. Great Wall

China is making waves in the education sector and if you wish to go there on a scholarship, then you can look in the direction of the great wall program. This is a program that is funded by the Chinese ministry of education. It is a full scholarship that covers students that want to study and pursue research in China. The national commission for UNESCO will be of help if you want to apply for this program.

  1. QS

The QS scholarship came into being in 2016 and it covers tuition to the tune of US $10,000 for undergraduate students. You can get this through any QS ranked university. You will be asked to submit an inspirational essay on how an inspirational person has affected your life.

  1. Erasmus Mundus

If you enroll on one of the Erasmus Mundus joint master's degrees, you will get a full scholarship that covers tuition fees and your living costs but you will still need help writing an assignment so you can always count on assignment writing service. It will last between one to two years and will take each beneficiary to at least two universities overseas.

  1. Fulbright

The Fulbright foreign student program is based in the US. It supports postgraduate students and young professional artists that are pursuing studies or research. Admission requirements vary by nationality.


The above international scholarships can be used to seek better education overseas that will not cost you a dime.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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