The best trading platform for beginners


Starting trading can be a daunting task, as there are many factors at play that you need to keep in mind at all times. And picking a beginner-friendly trading platform can be just as problematic, as some are geared more towards experienced traders and expect you to know certain things beforehand. This is where Wunderbit Trading comes in. Wunderbit Trading is an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to provide its users with seamless trading by way of allowing for the placement of orders on multiple exchanges from one single platform as well as many other tools that will be discussed further on.

What many novice traders may find valuable is a comprehensible and simple-to-use terminal so as to not get overwhelmed but one that is not lacking in features as well. The Wunderbit Trading terminal allows for the simultaneous use of its available tools to automate and perfect one’s trading strategy, no matter their experience level. For example, you can create a strategy that lets you take advantage of both the take-profit and the stop-loss targets. This is crucial if you want to prevent large losses and ensure your profit is realized. Furthermore, you can add a trailing stop to it to close your asset’s position and break-even in case of a drastic drop. One of the most unique aspects of the terminal is likely its spread trading feature. This means that, upon selecting the assets that you wish to create a spread between, the terminal will buy one asset and sell the other, performing both actions at the same time.

Some newer traders may prefer a more hands-off approach to trading, be it due to lack of experience or investible time. Wunderbit Trading is able to provide for these types of traders just as well. Wunderbit’s integration with TradingView allows you to automate any TradingView script into a powerful crypto trading bot that can be adjusted in a matter of seconds. The platform provides extremely beginner-friendly step by step guides and in-depth video tutorials so that anyone can easily make one. The platform also provides its users with the ability to easily backtest their trading bot strategies with any cryptocurrency pair and timeframe before letting it handle their funds. Additionally, you can create alerts that will notify you of any buy or sell suggestions from your strategy. These then become commands, are sent to your preferred exchange and subsequently executed in the trade. Trading bot crypto trading is also realizable with the use of multiple API accounts at one time, elevating this aspect of the platform even further.

In conclusion, Wunderbit Trading, with its diverse array of features, such as a dynamic trading terminal, crypto trading bots and extensive guides, makes it an excellent choice not just for proficient traders but for novice traders that wish to get into crypto trading just as well. As it stands, it is undoubtedly one of the best stock trading platforms for beginners out there.