Top Survival Skills That Everyone Should Know


The art of survival skills is, unfortunately, being lost from generation to generation. Usually, schools and families would pass on this information, but as the world moves toward more reliance on technology and modern skills, the need for survival knowledge isn't as apparent.

These skills are becoming popular for hobbyists, but that doesn't mean it's too late to learn how to refine your ability to be prepared in any situation. Knowing how to handle yourself in the wilderness  or at home is useful anytime, and here are the top survival skills you must know.

1. Fishing

Fishing is a fun past-time, but it’s also a vital survival skill. Having a reliable fishing rod is good for finding your own sustainable food sources, but even without a rod, you can learn to make do. A simple stick and string can be used with live bait to catch fish, or go the traditional route and learn to catch with your hands or a spear.

2. Food prepping

The ability to create a good stockpile of food is a skill in itself. It might not seem like a good skill, but the Augason Emergency Food Reviews would beg to differ. Buying any grocery store items won't cut it, which is why an emergency food kit can get you started, or help you understand how to build your stockpile.

3. Hunting

Hunting comes in handy for finding more hearty and nutrient-rich food sources out in the woods. It's also two-fold in that it teaches you a form of self-defense through marksmanship. Hunting can be down with a gun (rifle, shotgun) or bow, but tracking and trapping is also a viable option. Hunting is a must-know skill for any outdoor enthusiast.

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4. Self-Defense

Self-defense that's not related to guns also comes in multiple forms. The most obvious are combat sports, like Muay Thai or mixed martial arts, but you can also learn self-defense with knives as the weapon. Self-defense should be learned with an open mind and a reserved sense of understanding that it's only for self-defense and not for play. 

5. Shelter building

While out in the woods or any natural landscape, it's good to know how to keep yourself warm and dry. Building shelter can and will save your life from the elements if you know what to do. Teepees that are made of brush and sticks are easy to learn and build and are very practical. Learning this skill, as mentioned, is key if out in the elements and you're unable to find help.

6. Navigation

Orienting yourself in the world without GPS or electronics isn't only a skill that a lot of people are unable to do, but one that can also save your life. Map and compass reading is the most readily available form of navigation skill, but learning to follow star positions and running water can also help. Navigating the world without technology is vital to your survival skillset.

These skills represent a certain aspect of how to survive in the wilderness or during emergencies. Whether you're out on a hike and get lost, or you need to protect yourself from an assailant, you should learn these skills, even if you never need to use them.