Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Waalaxy | Automation tool for prospecting:

Waalaxy solves your problem of automating your perspective. waalaxy is the best automation tool for a mailing campaign, connection request.

What is waalaxy?

It is an extension of chrome, if you want to automate your task, waalaxy can help you most safely and efficiently. It can sequence your task, doing connection tasks manually consumes a lot of time but waalaxy can accomplish the goal in a very short time.

What services it can provide?

  • It can generate the most consistent information from your data and auto improve it.
  • Use different webs to link your connection task to the workflow you desire.
  • Can transfer your data to a CSV file, so it becomes easy to enter data automatically in CVS file.
  • Can produce your own message and email as you want.

How to use waalaxy?

  • It is not very difficult to use waalaxy to save your time, just transfer the prospect of your work into waalaxy.
  • Just search LinkedIn and use the search that appears on the bottom right of your screen, you can upload a CSV file that contains the URL of possible research.
  • After transferring the file in the waalaxy start camping, but for it select the prospect.
  • Now select the sequence you want for your prospect, there are many available but you can create more according to your desire.
  • If it is not possible to create, or not option available, select request sequence, it will be possible for the coming month to create a sequence.
  • You can select a multichannel sequence, which has the option of creating messages and email both.
  • If the prospect is not connected to LinkedIn, send a connection request but if you are connected then you can directly arrive at a message request.
  • Wait for one day after sending the request, if a person accepts the request, you can select a message. But if he didn’t accept the request after even 10 days enrich the email, with drop connect. On retrieving the email you will go to email, if not so, it means prospective fails.
  • The goal will reach if a prospect replies if he doesn’t reply even after seeing the message send the message again if he still does not reply even after 3 days send an email.
  • Complete the content of the email, and click according to every action, you can use the predefined template or will add more options in the future.
  • Launch your sequence once it is completed.

How it performs different tasks?

  • To go through your prospects you can choose the sequence you want, or you can create according to your desire, can select any option such as send email or message.
  • Transfer your prospect from LinkedIn and create your CRM, you can optimize it by comparing it with preferred CRM. Can download this in your CSV.
  • You can add more accurate and most relevant data, this will enrich your prospect.
  • Your data can be sent automatically to a different app by webhook workflow.
  • Can automatically import files in your CRM, depending on events.
  • In addition to sending email to our connection but also makes it more attractive by adding variables.
  • There is an option to personalized note, so it can be used in the future, and automatically send invites to the bulk.
  • Waalaxy can automatically visit the profile you selected previously, thus can save your time.
  • For security measures there is a limit on daily messages sent to the user.
  • Waalaxy can help you to create a different operations and organize it, and connect to the target population.

So if you are new in market, or entrepreneur, don’t worry waalaxy automation tool can make your life easier/

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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