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What are the Dimensions of a Full Size Mattress: A Buyer's Guide

We all are aware of the significance of space at night—but mattress size is often the most overlooked factor while getting a good night’s rest. Speaking of beds, size does matter.

While it’s great to sleep close to your beloved, what’s more important is the fact that you’re getting adequate space to fall into a restful sleep just to ensure that you wake up feeling fresh and energized for the day ahead.

Fact: Having ample amount of space is not only crucial to get the quality sleep you need but also helps regulate your body temperature that affects your:   Circadian rhythmSleep cycle  

Of course, cuddling with your loved one is all nice and cozy but if you don’t have ample space, your body heats up, preventing you from having a good sleep. That’s the reason it is vital to buy a mattress that’s large enough to accommodate two people. This will not only give the space that they need but also lessen the disturbance from partners who toss and turn often.

Having said that, let’s understand what is a full size mattress all about and what are its dimensions.

What is a Full Size Mattress?

A full-size mattress is also called a double mattress is a mattress that’s ideal for kids and single adult sleepers that do not want their mattress to occupy the entire bedroom space and yet would appreciate a good amount of space to help them stretch out and sleep peacefully.

Full-size mattresses are versatile and can accommodate sleepers of any age groups and size.

Dimensions of a Full Size Mattress

Length74 inches
Width54 inches
Room size (compatible)9 x 9.6 feet
Surface area4050 inches
Best suited forSingle adults and kids
Average cost$400 - $600
  • A full size mattress measures 74-inches in length and 54-inches in width.
  • A full-size mattress may look like a twin bed but the only difference is that it is 16-inches wider and thus offers generous space for a person to sleep comfortably.
  • After the twin-size, a full-size mattress is the smallest when it comes to size. 
  • A full-size mattress may be a little shorter for adults and teenagers who are taller, as their feet  might dangle off in the end! However, sleeping diagonally can give more legroom.
  • A full-size mattress is an ideal choice for any single sleeper with an average height. In fact, it’s an excellent choice for teens or kids.
  • For couples, the double or full-size mattress tends to be snug fit—particularly, if they are active sleepers.
  • Since full-size mattresses are 54-inches wide, they give every sleeper just 27 inches of space—which is about the same width when compared to a baby’s crib.
  • Full-size mattresses don’t occupy excess space and are most commonly seen in hotel rooms.

Pros and Cons of Full Size Mattresses

If you are planning to buy a good full-size mattress, then checking out these pros and cons is worth it because it helps you make the right purchase decision.


Pros of a full-size mattress

  • Ideal for kids: Your kids are yet to grow big and thus, getting a high-quality full-size mattress is a smart investment. Why? Well, because it will last until the teenage years and more than that, unless they don’t become very tall. A full-size bed gives a restless body adequate space to stretch out every night to ensure you stay super comfortable at night.
  • Good for the body: The best thing about these mattresses is that they can be converted into adjustable beds for seniors, which can have a lot of health benefits. It can help alleviate body and back pains, even including the ones associated with restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia. Furthermore, sleeping on it increases blood flow, improves digestion, reduces acid reflux, snoring problems, sleep apnea, and asthma.
  • Doesn’t occupy much space: Due to its accommodative features, full-size mattresses are surprisingly (small), and thus, making it apartment-friendly. A little smaller than the twin-size mattress, a full-size bed gives you the convenience of a big mattress without taking excess room.
  • Affordable and available: A full-size mattress is comparatively cheaper than other bigger mattresses. This makes it a perfect option for people looking for a comfortable bed but on a budget. Rather than splurging on larger mattresses, single sleepers can look for a good full-size mattress without cutting their pockets deep.

Cons of a full-size mattress

  • Not designed for couples: A full-size mattress is strictly for kids and single sleepers. So, if you want to snuggle with your partner, it’s a big NO!
  • May not suit heavy or tall adults: A full-size mattress mattress can accommodate a person with a normal weight and height but definitely not someone who is super tall or obsese.

Other Important FAQs to Consider

Here are a few important questions and answers you might want to read:

1. Does the dimension of a full-size mattress differ from one country to the other?

Absolutely. The size of a mattress varies from one country to the other. So a full-size bed is no exception. In fact, it can vary by region even being in the same country. While in America, the size of a double mattress is the same, in Europe, it is often called a double bed and comes in various sizes.

2. What room size is ideal for a full-size mattress?

One of the best things about full-size mattresses is that they can easily fit anywhere—be it a kid's room, small master bedroom, and guest room. For a full-size mattress to fit in, your room should be at least 9 x 9 ½ feet  in dimension so that you can have adequate space to walk around and accommodate some furniture pieces.

3. Are the accessories of full-size mattresses affordable?

Yes. In fact, that’s one of the best perks when it comes to buying a full-size mattress. Despite its low price point, you will find accessories pretty easily for a full-size mattress. From pillowcases, bed sheets to bed skirts, duvet covers, pillows, mattress pads, and whatnot.

On the other hand, when you buy a California king or any larger mattress—your choices to accessorize are diminished. Moreover, larger beddings are also expensive.


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