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Why people value work more after the pandemic?

How many people in the world have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus? According to statistics-tens of millions. The authorities and economists admit and explain why the official data on unemployment do not reflect the real state of affairs.

Many are still employed, but with downgrades, reduced employment, and reduced wages. Others, having lost one permanent job with a good salary, are interrupted by various temporary earnings: couriers, taxi drivers, tutors.

The number of jobs is growing, but the number of employees is still the same, and their income is even less.

A lot of industries have lost a lot of money because of the pandemic. 

The first on the list will be small businesses, such industries as catering, services. Next comes the travel business. The borders are closed, and what kind of vacation at sea can you talk about when you are afraid to go to the grocery store. The hotel industry has suffered considerable losses, especially in the summer season, as there are no tourists. Well, the entertainment industry: carousels froze in anticipation—a similar situation with the travel business. People are just afraid to leave the house, especially for the sake of entertainment. 

Where and by whom to work in quarantine - top professions during the pandemic?

The moment came when the beauty of remote work was revealed in all its glory. Now everyone is not that serious about remote work, but they passionately want to take a "place in the sun." Groupe employees to conduct interviews download the zoom alternative apps. Vacancies, with adequate customers and confident payment, are becoming less and less every day. But there is still a chance to breakthrough. The main thing is to start acting.


Corny, but reliable. Now in schools, children want to become programmers instead of astronauts. And this is not surprising — the charms of this profession are covered very often. Remarkably, there are also many varieties of this vacancy and SMM developers: a layout designer, a game developer, a web programmer, a python programmer, and many branches for remote work, with good pay. You love numbers, long codes and are not afraid of monotonous work — you are a born programmer! All that remains is to learn a few programming languages...


A person who works with the visual. It makes Facebook groups cute, Instagram profiles aesthetic, and websites catchy. And no, the designer is not the person who viewed the guide on YouTube working with photoshop and is already ready for remote work. This is the same profession, along with programmers and SMM specialists, who also study and earn a price tag for their services for years—speaking of programmers.

Web designers are the same programmers who work with code. Only they create the site visually. To make site navigation convenient, clear and pleasant for users.


The kind of profession that will never be taken seriously. The content exchanges are to blame for everything — the authors are there, working literally for bread—dumping, unfairness, and lack of value in the competence that's what awaits copywriters there. Specialists working professionally are another matter. These authors specialize in selling texts, blogging, writing newsletters, scripts, and just drawing up and implementing a content plan for social networks. They work most often at home, with reasonable fees.


The number of bloggers is growing, as well as the number of antiseptics purchased. And all of them, in the majority, do not have professional installation skills. So where do you think they will turn? Of course, to a specialist. And here you are, a professional who knows how to use After Effects.

It is not as challenging to learn as a programmer, but it will still take a lot of time, but believe me, it is worth it. A smart video maker will be greeted with applause. In the future, you can work with entire advertising agencies.

The situation with the virus has served as a lesson for all of us and has shown how unstable our situation is. Any hesitation can disable a system that has worked confidently for years. But the work is still there. Above, you saw the professions that will always be relevant for yourself, even after the end of quarantine.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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